Richard Searle, Chairman

Santa Cruz, Cochise and Greenlee Counties - District 3

Term Expires ~ 2025

Searle, a leader in Cochise County, will represent Cochise, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz counties.

Searle has been involved in transportation issues since serving on the Cochise County Board of Supervisors in 2005. For 11 years, he held transportation planning roles at the county at the city, county, and state levels. Additionally, he developed policies to improve road maintenance in the county. He has also been a member of various other organizations like the Arizona Cattle Growers Association, American Pistachio Growers Association, Western Bank, and the Cochise County Farm Bureau.

“I appreciate the opportunity to represent Southeastern Arizona on the Transportation Board and am honored by the appointment,” Searle said. “Priorities would include not only making sure transportation issues in Cochise, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz Counties are addressed but also helping ADOT deal timely and efficiently with the challenges statewide. I look forward to learning how I can be a part of making long-lasting changes that improve how we handle transportation in Arizona.”

Richard Searle