Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Each of Arizona's transportation districts is represented by a board member with staggered service terms. When a member’s term expires, a new member is appointed from the same district, with membership rotated among the counties within the district.

Jesse Thompson

Apache, Navajo and Coconino Counties - District 5

Term Expires ~ 2023

Gary Knight

Yavapai, Yuma, Mohave and La Paz Counties - District 6

Term Expires ~ 2024

Jackie Meck

Maricopa County - District 1

Term Expires ~ 2024

Richard Searle

Santa Cruz, Cochise and Greenlee Counties - District 3

Term Expires ~ 2025

Jenn Daniels

Maricopa County - District 1

Term Expires ~ 2026

Ted Maxwell

Pima County - District 2

Term Expires ~ 2027

Jenny Howard

Pinal, Gila and Graham Counties - District 4

Term Expires ~ 2028


Board members may be contacted at [email protected].

Board Districts Map:

State Transportation Board Districts map